High-latitude glacier (HLG) deposits and arcuate ridges associated with slopes interpreted as drop moraines on Mars.

Note: Survey was conducted on all large steep slopes at northern high latitudes (from 55N to the edge of the main part of the polar layered deposit; PLD) using THEMIS daytime IR images. Our search in southern hemisphere high latitudes was also extensive but revealed no additional similar features.

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Kreslavsky, Mikhail A., and James W. Head. “Carbon dioxide glaciers on Mars: Products of recent low obliquity epochs (?).” Icarus 216.1 (2011): 111-115
Garvin, J.B., Head, J.W., Marchant, D.R., Kreslavsky, M.A., 2006. High-latitude coldbased glacial deposits on Mars: Multiple superposed drop moraines in a crater interior at 70N latitude. Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 41, 1659–1674.
Kreslavsky, M.A., Head, J.W., 2007. Unusual glacial-like features in the high-arctic of Mars. Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVIII, 1576 (abstract)


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