Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars

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Ojha et al. (2014) HiRISE observations of Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) during southern summer on Mars. ICARUS, 10.1016/j.icarus.2013.12.021
McEwen et al. (2014) Recurring slope lineae in equatorial regions of Mars. Nature DOI: 10.1038/NGEO2014
Stillman et al. (2016) Observations and modeling of northern mid-latitude recurring slope lineae (RSL) suggest recharge by a present-day martian briny aquifer. Icarus 265, 125–138

McEwen et al. 2014

CON Fully confirmed RSL: We have observed the full temporal sequence: RSL: We have observed the full temporal sequence: Incremental growth of many (≥10) flows on a slope, fading when inactive, and recurrence in multiple Mars years. The fading may not lead to complete disappearance. This category includes seeing the full sequence in one year, and a single image showing RSL candidates on the same slope in another year, that are different from the other year (demonstrating that they are not just due to incomplete fading). On some east- and west-facing slopes in VM the RSL may be intermittently active year-round, in which case we consider >1 year observation of activity to be the equivalent of recurrence.
P.C. Partially confirmed RSL: We have seen many (≥10) flows on a slope plus either incremental growth or recurrence. Apparent fading may be deceptive so only this observation is not sufficient for partial confirmation. There are some cases where either recurrence or incremental growth may have occurred, and we cannot tell which is the case. There are some sites in this category in Table S1 where slope lineae grow incrementally but rarely fade or recur, such as in Aram Chaos, which may need a different classification.

Ojha et al. 2014

Status Morphology Incremental-Growth Recurrence Fading-or-Complete-Disappearance
CON Confirmed Observed Observed Observed Observed
P.C. Partially Confirmed Observed For some cases For some cases For some cases
CAN Candidate Observed Not observed Not observed For some cases

Stillman et al. 2016

CON confirmed site Confirmed RSL have been observed to recur, fade, and incrementally lengthen
S.C. Strong candidate Candidate sites lack confirmation of all three of these characteristics, often due to a lack of repeat coverage.
CA Candidate site
WCA Weak candidate site
Search limited to Chryse and Acidalia Planitia (CAP)
CAP RSL are significantly different from RSL within the southern mid-latitudes



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