Published catalogs of planetary relief or albedo features in the mesoscale range, allowing multicriteria analysis/evaluation in GIS.

The database contains

  • information files with maps,
  • data files in Excel 97 format
  • shapefiles (links)
  • external links to online databases



For each planet or moon, all catalogs derived from research papers are combined into one Excel file. Catalogs published as part of a USGS map and catalogs already available online are linked on their page.

You can import the Excel tabs individually into your GIS, using the XY data. In ArcMap, use Mars2000 coordinate system and the Lon180 column to display the data (Mars1979 for W lon datasets). Import it using the “Excel To Table” conversion tool in ArcToolbox.

Several of these datasets are also included in JMARS (-2035), and in the Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms.

If you would like to have your database included, or have comments, updates, corrections, please contact henrik.i.hargitai(@)nasa.gov hargitaih@caesar.elte.hu

This database is maintained by Henrik Hargitai.

What’s not here, can be found there.


This research was supported by a senior postdoctoral research fellowship awarded to H. Hargitai by the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) at the Ames Research Center, administered by ORAU and by Universities Space  Research Association through a contract  with NASA.

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